1. Who are your clients?

    We serve the entrepreneur/small business person who desires to market a physical product via direct response advertising (to include the Internet) and wants to leverage their way into business with minimal up-front money and risk. We do this by making a highly effective and professional sales, order processing, fulfillment and customer service/tech support system instantly available to the small business owner. In other words, we can within days, become their fully functional "Operations Division" with minimal up-front cost. We also provide supplemental operations services to established businesses that need to expand their direct response capability (without having to invest in additional infrastructure) and, finally, we provide a logical transition path for established direct response businesses wanting to become "virtual corporations."

2. Why do you focus on small business?

    We normally can best serve the smaller client. With them, we can become extremely intimate with their product(s) and dynamically advocate benefits. Thus the client can have the luxury of reduced operational costs (with infinitely less aggravation) yet not lose the product advocacy and technical expertise normally associated with an "in-house" operations team.

3. Lots of people provide operations services, what makes you different?

    Two reasons. First, your customers will feel like they are talking to you, not some operations service provider. We provide a full range of quality operations services as do several other vendors. However, very few (if any) have the ability to create a team of people who become legitimate advocates for your product. Our Representatives will be able to create a sale from an inquiry and provide customer service as well as you could do it yourself. The fact that we are a service provider will be transparent to the customer. They will feel they are working with "factory" people who are totally "into the product", and really care about them as valued customers.

    Secondly. There is gold in those declined credit card orders. We boost your total revenues by NOT using real-time on-line credit card authorization. Real-time authorization rejects all orders that don't authorize immediately. Many of these could be legitimate sales that are now lost forever. We welcome and accept all orders. Authorizations are run in batches, approved orders printed for shipment, then declines are aggressively worked with the customer over the next few weeks. We have been receiving approval on approximately 75 percent of those orders initially declining.

    EXAMPLE: Approximately five to ten percent of all credit card orders initially decline. Based on our experience, we will convert approximately 75 percent of those to approved status. This will create a marginal increase in your gross revenue of 3.75 to 7.50 percent.

4. I understand that you are pretty good at Customer Service, but I want someone talking to my Customers who can sell them. Can you do this?

    An unqualified yes! There is a two tiered approach to sales. The first is a 24 hour order taking capability. These TSR's use carefully crafted scripts to take orders, execute upsells and answer basic questions. If the caller has questions they cannot answer or just wants more detailed information, they will be given a number for the "Product Experts", which are our Customer Service Representatives. These people are intimately knowledgeable in your product. They have used it, know its features and benefits precisely, and have been extensively trained in telephone sales. If your customer talks to our Customer Service Reps, they will feel that they getting support from "factory people", the real experts who believe in the product and its benefits.

5. Do you have to process my orders or can I do this myself?

    You certainly can do this yourself if you chose. We can provide 100 percent of the Operations services you would need or a subset of them. One restriction, if we are to process your orders, then we must do the order fulfillment and returns as well.

6. Credit card fraud can be a big problem, how do you protect against this?

    Protection from credit card fraud is a primary concern for us. We employ all of the electronic safeguards available today including address verification. In addition, our Reps are extensively trained to ask specific questions during the order process that a legitimate cardholder could answer instantly but someone using a stolen card number could not. Our procedures determine if this is a possible fraudulent order. The cardholder is then notified to verify the transaction. In this way we wouldn't erroneously reject a legitimate order.

7. If you are handling my money, how do I know it is being handled correctly and honestly?

    If we process your orders, we will have a fiduciary responsibility to handle your money correctly. The relationship would be similar to one you have with your bank. We take the following steps to make sure you have complete confidence in our funds processing and distribution system.

    We never mix client funds with company funds. They are controlled through separate bank accounts.
    Your money is only held for a few days. Sales revenue payments are generally made weekly.

    Every sales revenue payment is accompanied by detailed reports, down to the individual order/return transaction level. We expect (and encourage) you to check on our work.

    Phone company 800 number call activity reports are available to cross check call volumes against order activity.

8. Would I have any specific responsibilities toward TRAK Services ?

    Yes, we will quote you a price for our services after evaluating your product line and the costs associated with supporting it. The following criteria are always assumed to be present for every bid. If circumstances associated with your product violate any of these criteria, then the pricing agreements may have to be re-negotiated.

    Finished goods must be readily available for shipping to the customer. Essentially, there can be no long delays between when a customer order is taken and finished goods are available to ship. (If we are to do product fulfillment, it is normally the client's responsibility to provide finished goods to our shipping facility.)

    The physical configuration of the product must exactly match it's presentation in marketing copy.

    The product must perform essentially as advertised.

    The product must be reasonably defect free (approximately 1% or less.)

9. What are your fees?

    You will find our fees to be extremely competitive. ALSO, we do not charge any additional fees for following up on your declined credit card orders. This alone will significantly cut your overall operational costs. Contact us by phone so we can go over your specific requirements, then a bid can be provided. Keep in mind that product price, complexity and client sales requirements drive operational costs. Just to give you a "ball park" feel, 2000 units/month of a simple, highly reliable product that sells for $100 per unit could have all operational services accomplished for approximately 10 percent of gross sales plus the shipping and handling. For this fee, we would handle all operational tasks (from turning inquires into sales to processing returns.) Remember that lower per unit prices with higher volumes tends to increase operational costs, whereas higher per unit prices and low volumes tend to decrease costs. The same holds true for product complexity. High complexity increases operational costs and vice versa.

IMPORTANT: There are significant benefits to having all your operational costs be fixed as a percentage of sales. Since you would no longer have to constantly support an Operations infrastructure (facilities, labor, maintenance), when you enter into slow a period, total dollars spent on operations actually drops, rather than remaining constant.

For those of you that only want partial services (e.g. only Customer Service Support), pricing will normally be based on the complexity of the support required and is billed on a per call/transaction basis.