Sales/Order Taking
  • Take orders and requests for information (as applicable.)
  • Convert customer inquiries into sales.

Order Processing/Fulfillment

  • Process orders to include credit cards and mailed in checks and money orders.
  • Aggressively follow-up on every declined credit card/bad check order. (Historically, we have been able to get approval on approximately 75 percent of these.)
  • Generate shipping invoices and fulfill to the end customer (worldwide).

Customer Service

  • Handle all customer service/tech support calls.
  • Issue Return Authorizations in accordance with the your Terms and Conditions.
  • Process returns, issue refunds, and return product to the location of the your choice. (We also assign "return reason codes" to each return for product analysis purposes.)
  • Maintain your customer and prospect databases.*
  • Track media codes needed to support your marketing analysis.
  • Establish continuity order programs.

* If you need a particular subset of the customer database, it can be obtained for a small fee. The entire database (or quarterly updates) is provided at no additional cost.